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Labrador retriever kennel


Once a dog enters your life
and changes everything

Greetings, dear fans of the wonderful Labrador retriever breed!

My name is Anzhelika Garyacha, I am the owner of Richbon Favorite kennel.

We have been breeding Labrador retrievers for more than ten years. We registered Richbon Favorite kennel in 2011 in the International Cynological Federation (FCI) under the number 286/11. In the same year, we had our first puppies.

We are located in Ukraine in the city of Mukachevo

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Why Labradors?


they are the best companions and true friends of people, they get along well with any family members


very harmonious dogs: have wonderful anatomy, temperament, movements, coat quality


have excellent psychics and character


not aggressive and have no desire to dominate


always happy to serve the owner, willing to work with people, smart, quick studying


hardy in hunting and any kind of canine sports


do not require too much care


suitable for people of any age, temperament and hobbies

of our kennel

black labrador retriever

Compliance and preservation

breed standard

we select only couples that match breed characteristics and temperament according to the standard

champion labrador retriever, show level labrador puppies

Participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions

our males and females have the titles of Champions, Grand Champions, and Inter Champions, and also receive excellent marks at exhibitions

black and yellow Labradors

We approach breeding responsibly

careful selection of couples with examination for genetic diseases

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We carefully select owners for our puppies

we do not sell puppies to anyone who wants them but choose their future owners. Priority is given to those who will continue exhibition career or develop the hunting skills of our puppies. But the main issue is the availability of free time, desire, and love to grow a companion

What we guarantee to future owners:

health is first and foremost, so all dogs pass genetic tests

all puppies undergo the necessary medical procedures (deworming, vaccination, chip)

graduates of the kennel are registered under the FCI and UKU Regulations

balanced diet (Royal Canin)

we surround children with love and care: hugging, talking to them

all children undergo socialization, get used to walks and trips

we provide them with games and entertainment so that they grow up healthy and active

I will definitely help the masters with great care: we advise on the selection of food, cultivation, jubilation, participation in exhibitions and sports. We are on call 24/7.

Labrador puppies in Uzhhorod


We invite communication

We will be happy to answer your additional questions.


Our contacts:


+38 050 51 66 137


Ukraine, Mukachevo



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