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About Labrador

There is a huge and diverse world of dog breeds, which is so difficult to understand - after all, they are all so different, big and small, smooth-haired and long-haired, decorative and service, active or calmer, many types, types, purposes, characters, and each person chooses a breed based on specific needs and requirements.

Why did I choose the Labrador Retriever breed? Because today for myself I do not see other breeds that would be most suitable for a person as companions and friends.

For me, a Labrador is a very harmonious, whole dog. In this breed, all components are equally important - anatomy, temperament, movement, quality of wool. And much more important, in my opinion, is the overall harmonious appearance than any outstanding, but incompatible articles.

A few key ingredients for successful breeding:

The priority is breed temperament, stable psyche, pronounced “will to please” (what do you want?), that is, the desire to please your owner, there should be no form of anger and aggressiveness, desire to excel, the need for a fight, as well as pronounced distrust, in addition , a Labrador intended for reproduction must be viable and healthy, free from hereditary diseases and, of course, he must meet the breed standard. Only the combination of all these factors will give a high probability of getting pedigree puppies that will give you the joy of communicating with a true Labrador for many years to come.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world, an active and intelligent dog that loves to be with his family most of all. Retrievers belong to the group of hunting dogs. In English, “to retrieve” means “to find”, “to serve a tray” among various hunting breeds, retrievers form a group of retriever dogs. They were bred to search for and bring game both on land and on water. They work after a shot. They must not only bring the dead, but also independently search for the shot game. At the same time, they should not be afraid of either icy water, or thickets, or thorny bushes. On the contrary, they should be calm and controlled.

The Labrador breed is practically devoid of aggression, so its representatives are often used as guide dogs, nanny dogs, and rescue dogs. In addition, the Labrador breed is very much appreciated in work at customs, as they have excellent flair.

The Labrador is also great as a pet. This is just an ideal breed for home keeping. Labrador puppy quickly gets used to the house and the owners. He gets along well with children and finds a "common language" with all family members. The puppy will not require any specific conditions from you, before buying it is advisable to create his own secluded corner in the house where the dog can feel calm and safe.

Given that Labradors love to eat, a representative of this breed can become overweight, so try to monitor your pet's diet and not overfeed him.

Labrador requires constant attention to himself. Try to play and talk to him more often, your pet should understand that you care about him. Active and friendly Labradors are extremely fond of playing with a ball, running after a stick, frolicking in the water, try to provide your pet with long and active walks, since dogs of this breed are prone to fullness, they need constant moderate exercise.

Labrador dog universal. Such a dog will suit completely different people with different social status, diverse temperament and hobbies, you can try to work out with him agility, obedience, dog frisbee, musical freestyle, the main thing is to find exactly what will suit you and your Labrador the most.

Labradors have only one "flaw" - too much trust and friendliness, and their owners should always remember that not all dogs, and people too, have a similar "flaw".


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